About Us
Anartist aka Gordon Simpson has been operating as an art bookseller in New York City since 1999 and is open by appointment only.

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The bookstore carries books on Art, Photography, Architecture and Design from fields as diverse as:

Ancient and Medieval Art
Renaissance and Baroque
Non-Western Art
19th and 20th Century Art
Art History and Critical Theory
Industrial and Graphic Design
Furniture and Fashion
Art Journals and Auction Catalogs
Group Exhibition Catalogs
Posters and Ephemera
Photographic and Print Editions
Multiples and Artist Recordings

Specializations include:

20th Century Photography Books
20th Century Art Monographs
Artist Books
Conceptual Art
Pop and Mimimalism
Performance Art and Fluxus
Lesser Known Artists
Contemporary Exhibition Catalogs

The majority of the books are stored off-site; please inquire well in advance of your desired visit.


Anartist works with individual collectors and institutional clients for collections development.

If you do not see a book listed on the Anartist site; please inquire or send want lists; 1000s of unlisted titles are available but not online yet.

Fairs and Shows

Anartist sets up at about 10 shows and art/book fairs per year including:

The New York Art Book Fair
The NY Editions and Artists' Book Fair
The NY Pier Antique Shows
Several NY Antiquarian Book Fairs

Please inquire to join mailing list.


Gordon Simpson holds a M. Phil and M.A.in Art History from Columbia University and a B.A in Art History from the University of Virginia. His academic background includes 10 years of teaching experience at the undergraduate and graduate levels at Vassar, SUNY Purchase, Pratt, Parsons and SVA. He has also worked at The Hirshhorn Museum, The Museum of Modern Art, Washington Project for the Arts Bookworks and Printed Matter.

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